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POV DANCE was formed on the foundation of two ideas:

1) dance, as an exploration of space, presents to the viewer a different perspective on dance as more an experience than a performance.

2) the most beautiful dance is one that is real to the dancer.

POV Dance's mission is to draw dance away from the stage, or any traditional setting that separates the dancer from the audience and confines dance to a realm of formality.

The company strives to give dancers and audience members a new perspective on dance and the human form as it relates to its architectural surroundings. We aim to demonstrate through the creative and choreographic process that our structural environment is full of opportunities to imagine, to create and to dance.

POV Dance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Technique Class

POV Dance Co-Director Mandy Cregan teaches Saturdays from 10-11.30 at Flock, 8371 N. Interstate Ave Studio 4 (in the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center). This is just the kind of class you want on a Saturday morning - some strength building, some inversions, and lots of big movement to a rocking soundtrack. Can't wait to see you there!