POV Dance is an architecturally based dance company formed by Mandy Cregan and Noel Plemmons in 2007. The work POV creates is in non-traditional dance venues and is reliant upon the space in which it is created. POV aims to bring an environment to life by inhabiting it with dance.

The company strives to give dancers and audience members a new perspective on dance and the human form as it relates to its architectural surroundings. We aim to demonstrate through the creative and choreographic process that our structural environment is full of opportunities to imagine, to create and to dance.


POV Dance's first work, Contained, was performed in October 2007 in a 3.5' high gallery space as part of the First Thursday gallery walk. In August 2008, Wet? was presented as part of the Ten Tiny Dances series at the South Waterfront and explored a 4'x4' square space containing steps, walls, a handrail and water feature. Both duets were offered to the public free of charge. No Vertical Support was performed in August of 2009 in the Pythian Building stairwell as part of Conduit Dance's benefit concert and in the Portland Center Stage lobby as part of Hand2Mouth Theater's send-off fundraiser.  POV Dance's first evening length work, The Ford Building Project, premiered in March of 2010; it was incredibly well received by the press and the general public.  The second evening length work, 3x3, premiered in January 2014 at the astounding Leftbank Project building on North Broadway. Its three-week run sold out due to much critical acclaim. In July 2015 the company presented An Installation at Reed College’s Performing Arts Building as part of the Conduit Dance+ Festival.  

POV Dance was formed in 2007 after Mandy Cregan and Noel Plemmons both coincidentally relocated to Portland from San Francisco. The two dancers, having worked together with Lizz Roman & Dancers in San Francisco, separately chose Portland as their new home for much the same reason; they recognized that Portland offers an artist a more sustainable style of living than their former hometown. Heavily influenced by Roman's fierce, yet felt, site-specific dances, the two transplants decided to share what they love with Portland. POV Dance is an attempt to build upon what they learned from Roman. Each dancer brings her/his own dance background into the mix to create enchanting and beautiful dance installations in alternative spaces throughout Portland and the Northwest.